Brief outline of the Publication Group of

 Dikdarshan Prokashani Ltd.  Grantha Kutir,  Gayan Prokash,  Srijan Prokash, l Golden Future Publications, l  Diknirdeshona Publishers and l M.C. Paul & Sons.

Preface :

Once the name 'Dikdarshan' sprang up from the canvas of the mind of an enlightened person who was imbued with the thought of the inquiry about life and livelihood. The time was 1993. With the passage of time the name was illuminated/revealed in the world of publication. Gradually this shining institution formally assumed the form of a publishing farm designated 'Dikdarshan Prokashani Ltd.' in 2011. In course of time, five publishing farms namely, 'Grantha Kutir', 'Gayan Prokash', 'Srijan Prokash', 'Golden Future Publications' and 'Diknirdeshona Publishers' began to be included in this farm, which is now looking forward to becoming furnished with a heap of great potentialities. In other words, 'Dikdarshan-Grantha Kutir Prokashona Group' may be called a flower-plant having a succulent and aromatic stem with seven sweet scented flowers which spread the fragrance of potentialities among the reader of different ages.


Circumference of functions:

Grantha Kutir : It publishes the text books from Higher Secondary level to Degree Level.

Dikdarshan Prokashani Ltd.: It publishes the helping books from Secondary level to Masters Degree level.

Gayan Prokash : It publishes the necessary books with a view to expanding the periphery of the general knowledge of the students and the related people so that they can take part in the competitive examinations.

Srijan Prokash: It publishes the creative books.

Golden Future Publications: As it aims at the development of the country and the welfare of the humankind, it publishes the books related to the future of the society and the civilization.

Diknirdeshona Publishers : The circumference of the work of Diknirdeshona Publishers has been fixed in order to publish the books related to the babies, the women and the small ethnic groups.

  1. C. Paul & Sons : It Publishes the text books for the students of Hons., Masters, B.B.A. & M.B.A Courses in English Version.



Array of Institutional framework and Management procedure


Board of Directors

  1. Sreemati Ruma Rani Paul

Mrs. Ruma Rani Paul




  1. Sree Ratan Chandra Paul (R.C Paul)


     Mr R. C Paul

     Managing Director



  1. Sree Tapan Chandra Paul     

       Mr. Tapan Chandra Paul

       Director (Marketing)



  1. Sree Shipon Chandra Paul